efforts to change

December 25, 2012 5:35am CST
Many people have tried towards positive change, when I was in high school my classmate had prove it to be true.He is our class president then and yet involved himself into gambling and smoking.But before we graduated I had found out that he changed a lot not involving himself into some vices.I thought that if people wants some changes in there life they can all it needs is effort.
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@Arieles (2474)
• United States
25 Dec 12
It takes a lot of effort for people to change. Some people can change very easily while for others it does take a lot of work. Most likely it depends on how long they have had those devices. Yes, effort is needed, although I do believe it is easier for someone to quit smoking if they have been smoking only six months compared to someone who has been smoking five years. They have more of those chemicals in their body and it will be hard for them to bring about that change.
26 Dec 12
yes you are right.nice post
• Philippines
25 Dec 12
changing is a part of us. and people do change either positive or negative but its up to us to make efforts on it and freewill. if we really wanna change we can do it... the way we turned into worst or for better...