gadgets love and compulsive buying

December 25, 2012 12:27pm CST
I love gadgets, I don't know why. Maybe it's because of the thrill I feel whenever I unbox something I bought. When I see a gadget I want, I usually go to YouTube and watch different unboxing videos and then I start reading reviews and start planning my purchase. I envy those tech bloggers, they get to try out lots of gadgets. Currently I own a first generation White Galaxy Note. Last week, I bought a White Lumia 800 to replace my trusty Nokia black and white phone that served its purpose of calling and texting for 2 years. Then 2 days before Christmas, I realized I could buy a Lumia 920 and just pass my 800 to my mom! I confirmed my order with an online store, but I eventually cancelled it since I realized that the price was too steep. BUT instead of cancelling the order, I switched it to buy myself a White Ipad Mini hahaha. I ended up meeting the seller but cancelling the order since the price of online sellers were higher than the official price of the gadget here in our country. I love gadgets. I like the idea of owning one Android, iOS and WP product. But damn, this compulsion has to stop. I hope it stops once I've finished buying what I want to buy. For now I hope the list ends with the Ipad Mini and a White Olympus E-PM2 :D
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@Shavkat (63439)
• Philippines
26 Dec 12
Frankly speaking, I am not into online shopping. If I do it, I may not control myself. I rather go straight to mall in purchasing items. Being compulsive is difficult to control, it happens for some people.
• Philippines
27 Dec 12
I agree, the compulsion to buy is VERY hard to control. I wanted to buy an Ipad Mini a few days ago. I already had the money but the store said that it was currently out of almost all stores. Felt depressed the whole time :(
@liezel25 (292)
• Germany
25 Dec 12
Wow, that's a lot! You bought all of that stuffs in just this year? You gotta stop that addiction to gadgets, you need to think or do new hobbies so you won't think obsessively to those stuffs. happy new year!
• Philippines
25 Dec 12
actually, looking for new hobbies worsened my love for gadgets haha. A few months after purchasing my tablet, I suddenly spied on headphones on a blog site. My curiosity got the best of me, and I ended up wanting to do music as a hobby. Bought a Grado for me, and planned to buy a Cowon. I shifted my hobby to photography, now I want to buy a Camera :((
@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
25 Dec 12
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Well i am glad to know about your love for gadgets and i think it is great when u have collection of things u love the most. It is a good habit to look out for the reviews and videos regarding various gadgets on internet as it would keep u informed and updated on these things. i am amazed to see your long list of collections and even i hope u continue your list of collections in the future also. What say?
• Philippines
25 Dec 12
Yup, its a good thing but I think I need to know when to stop. My love for gadgets started last February, when I bought this cheap Android Tablet (Ainol Elf). I realized then that buying stuff like gadgets is fun..afterwhich the gadget craze started haha. The list keeps on growing...I hope it stops after the camera and the ipad mini :( I need to start saving my hard earned money hehe.