What nickname you use to your not so friendly neighbors?

@dyffer (75)
December 25, 2012 10:51pm CST
I have a neighbor who sings a lot, I mean a lot. His voice is one of the scariest thing I ever heard of in my life. Even past midnight they still do their crooning. So I decided to make a nickname for this guy...I call him "mic eater" cause he almost eat the head of the microphone while singing...so what nickname you made for your not so friendly neighbor?
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@Shavkat (65269)
• Philippines
26 Dec 12
I call my neighbor who keeps on bring his friend in their house to drink all night long. I managed to call a cop to zip his mouth shut, it turned he was not that macho guy on the streets. So I called him... weakling guy!
@dyffer (75)
• Philippines
27 Dec 12
That's cool weakling name :) Posing a macho image on the street and when the police show up acts like a very cute kitty. I don't really like to have a neighbor like that too. It make me sick really :(
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
3 Feb 13
hi, yes,i do that,i always give nickname to a person that i hate or don't like so much,here in the compound where i live i have some neighbors that i feel irritate,i called this woman as mayordoma because she felt that she is the owner of the compound and another one is madam,because she even never smile at all and aside from that she hate everything here in the compound it because he have a police husband and she is very high type of person.