December 26, 2012 7:23am CST
What are the features i should look for when buying a laptop, and what makes alienwear laptops different from others?
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@funfreak2k2 (1740)
• India
30 Dec 12
Always choose according to your needs and budget. If you are not a engineer or an architecht, you can choose some lower end laptops. But if you want longevity, always go for a higher end laptop.
@chiwasaki (4661)
• Philippines
28 Dec 12
Well this depends in what way are you going to use your laptop. Is it for gaming, watching movies or just simple browsing? I normally check the technical specifications on the manufacturer's website. Check about the System Memory and Hard Disk. You can check if it is now using a Solid State Drive. Screen size is also important to me. Try to check the pre installed Operating System and software as well.
• Philippines
26 Dec 12
What would you need the laptop for? If its just for web browsing and doing office documents and presentations, a netbook would do. Its cheap, light and has a long battery life. Most netbooks have the same specs, though if I were you I'd get one with 500Gb storage, at least 2Gb RAM and a dual core processor. But that is for netbooks. Then you also have your ultrabooks, which come at a heftier price. Again, ask yourself what will you do with the laptop? If its for media consumption, think of the battery life. One lasting for around 5 hours is good, the more, the better. Think of the display resolution...higher displays are good, but don't forget that you can just connect your netbook to a highdef monitor :) At least 4Gbs of RAM if you want to play games, and a good CPU..I5 or I7. Alienware is a high-specced gaming laptop. It is one marvelous piece of technology, looks very sleek and has good internals..but for the price, I don't know if its worth spending that much for a laptop. If you've got no problem spending for one, then do so. But if you're just looking for a laptop to do basic stuff....its undoubtably OVERKILL lol.