why i stay up so late...

United States
December 27, 2012 12:21am CST
i dont know why honestly i just do im like a bat stay up at night sleep during the day but i need to start going to be early i need all the sleep i can get and it not good to stay its not good to stay up all night you need sleep beauty sleep at that.
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@kabz_peg (27)
• Philippines
27 Dec 12
I had this when i was really young. I can barely sleep when its night time. When the time is getting closer to 4 am, I usually cry because few more hours and I'll be up for school. That was so awful. It only disappeared when I was in college. I had it first when I was in grade school. They call it insomnia.
• United States
27 Dec 12
lol i stay up late i like the night life lol
• United States
27 Dec 12
call me Ia am still up I don't want to ring your phone and wake up your grandmother. I stay up late because I have no where to go tomorrow. plus I like waking up at 11 am instead of 7. it makes my day better for some reason. I am staying here till 4am like most nights. if you stay up late next month you will make payout early. I am working on $30 for this month alone.
• India
27 Dec 12
$30 for this month. I wonder how many posts you have posted this month. Or you must be having some active referrals.
@Blondie2222 (22378)
• United States
5 Jan 13
I used to be able to stay up all night and sleep all day but now that I work and have an adapted schedule I can't do that anymore. My body is tired by 8 or 9pm every night and that's when I go to sleep and I wake up every morning at 5am. On the weekends I can't really sleep in anymore either because my body is used to getting up early so my sleeping in on the weekend is like 9am. But it's nice my body is getting the sleep it needs though. If you try each night to go to bed a little earlier you will see that your body will get used to it, good luck.
@Arieles (2474)
• United States
28 Dec 12
I am the opposite of you. I get up early usually between 3am and 4am. I then go to bed early between 9pm and 10pm. If I am extra tired I might go to bed earlier. I love getting up early in the morning and having the house to myself when everything is so quiet. The kids are still sleeping this morning, so I think they'll be getting up late again. Yesterday my daughter didn't get up until 10am.