Crawling Internet Connection!

December 27, 2012 5:51am CST
These past few day, we experienced typhoon in our country. Then our internet line in the office was really slow. Our company owner was already having a topsy-turyvy time due to this problem. Then, the teachers were also having a headache on how to explain and ask an apology to the affected students. This situation is really annoying and sometimes it makes me reach to my boiling point. How about you guys? Are you annoyed when the internet line goes crazy?
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@gerald_lian (2193)
• Australia
27 Dec 12
I experienced the same sort of situation at work today and I did indeed become slightly annoyed. There was a customer who needed me to print off some information from the internet and due to the crawling internet connection the customer was made to wait longer than expected; fortunately the customer was not in a hurry and was rather understanding of the situation. Other than that, I also had to place an order for stock via the internet and the crawling internet connection didn't help much and almost made me miss the cutoff time for ordering. It is amazing how much we depend on the internet these days and how something as simple as a slow connection can make our anger levels and blood pressure rise almost instantaneously!
• Australia
28 Dec 12
Haha, it's difficult to be patient with the internet connection when you've got to do something important using the internet..... Well, time to attend some anger management class!
• Philippines
7 Jan 13
Whenever I had my internet line getting messed up, I always call up my internet provider because my Father’s friend works at the internet provider that I am connecting my line, he can easily call for assistance whenever I got my internet busted up. Sometimes, when this happens I just turn off the computer and wait for it to be fixed as the personnel over the internet provider will arrive and fix the glitch.
• Japan
27 Dec 12
That's really annoying indeed! But if it the weather causing the slow connection then something that we cannot stop from happening and just need to leave the computer alone?? when I am experiencing this kind of problem I just turn off the computer haha
@vernaC (1493)
• Romania
27 Dec 12
When I'm experiencing this, I stand up and push the power button of the laptop to shut it down. It's much better to do something else rather than wait when your site completely be loaded, it's very annoying. Waiting and waiting and waiting, you could have done so much more other than waiting.