Force drug addicted people into rehab?

@Sanher (61)
December 27, 2012 7:06pm CST
Do you think it is ethic or right, to force a person against her/his will, to get into rehab? Even if it is for their own safety? In my opinion, I think that it depends on each case, but in most of the extreme cases, the person who is addicted, should be forced into rehab to prevent him from a worst future. What do you think?
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@jodylee (968)
• United States
28 Dec 12
Who is going to pay for the forced rehab? Having worked in substance abuse for many years I just don't see this as working well for many addicts. It may work in the short term but long term sobriety is tough to achieve if it is against a persons will. I think as a whole we need to be careful about over medicating the people of this world. Many addictions (not all) are caused from doctor prescribed medicine. Pain killers, anxiety and depression meds, etc. all lead to addiction in some cases. When the doctor says no more, then they turn to the street versions because they are now dependent on them. I think that when a person is taken off medication there should be a rehab at that point to make sure they are ready to go on without the meds. Too often the medical system puts people out without any thought towards abuse prevention. just my perspective :)