Praying Mantis - ancient forgotten style manifested in modern fighting.

@ivan88 (193)
December 28, 2012 4:37pm CST
Since the age of 14, I have been involved in a practice that is worth any fighter's attention. It is a very dynamic martial art that involves both striking and grappling at the highest possible level. In a sense, it is a forgotten style because we do not hear a lot about it. However, within itself, it manifests a lot of modern approaches, including the popular MMA "everything goes" concept. Since the early ages, Praying Mantis was meant to be as a style copying the fighting style of that of an insect. Lots of trappings, which would predetermine the basic approach to any opponent. That, in itself, was a form of a reliable combination between striking and grappling. In addition to that, throws were included - something that is only applied in modern fighting with regards to the same MMA fights, but only in the context of the groundwork. It would seem that the stance of the Praying Mantis style is very long-ranged, and it is not as quick as others. However, it is only a deceitful perspective, since the stance is coordinated in such a way that arms would move with counter-attacks into a short-range fight as well as a long-range one. Overall, this style has served me in learning all possible dimensions of martial arts. Including the final frontier of any martial art - learning how to fight with weapons and making weapons out of any objects, as simple as clubs and knives to as invisible and subtle as pens along with personal cosmetics articles of women.
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