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@ivan88 (193)
December 28, 2012 6:10pm CST
These are pets that you should purchase as a colony. They are very social. They like exploring the area of their habitat. Surprisingly, their life-span is quite long - they live up to 10 years. Also, other benefits are that they represent low-maintenance pets and are non-aggressive. What you have to remember is that hermit crabs shed their skin a few times in their lives. This process, called molting, takes about 4-8 weeks to be completed. It is important to have enough soil in your container, so that they could dig themselves in and molt properly. In addition, you should always remember to separate them from the rest of the habitat, so that they would not be disturbed by their mates. As you may know already, hermit crabs switch their shells also periodically. It is a very funny process that may seem strange at first. Hermit crabs are very picky about their shells. Hence, they will take their time to do so. You have to remember - the entrance to the new shell must be big enough for a crab. If he is not used to the new shell right away, he/she will carry the old one by his/her legs as well as the new one. Sometimes, hermit crabs may abandon the new shell and come back to an old one. It all depends. They might even fight another crab for a shell. Some interesting facts about hermit crabs include such as they are nocturnal animals. Also, they play around and fight with each other producing various sounds that remind people of chirping and croaking. If you purchase a colony, have fun with them, but don't count on their reproduction - they don't do it in captivity.
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@Adoniah (7515)
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31 Dec 12
I live in an area where hermit crabs are plentiful...I have never kept any as pets, because there are so many to watch and play with in the rivers where I live. I suppose that if you do not live near the right kind of flowing water, you would have to have them for pets to enjoy them.