What are your thoughts on the new glee cast members?

December 28, 2012 8:43pm CST
I know I was a fan of glee when it first started as a television show. The first three season was fun to watch but there are no character growth and there are no consistency when it comes to their stories. Since glee season 4 started I didn't bother watching it since I think they are repeating the same story lines with their old characters. So what are your thoughts about this season? Is it still worth watching? Are you still watching glee?
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@Cutie18f (9563)
• Philippines
29 Dec 12
I haven't seen the latest season so I can't compare. No, we are no longer watching Glee because there are other shows that grab our attention more.
• Philippines
30 Dec 12
What shows are you watching?
@Fishmomma (11423)
• United States
29 Dec 12
I think the show has been on so many seasons that they really have covered a lot of topics already. The only new character I like is the person mentioned in the post above this one. The guest stars have been good to watch.
• Philippines
29 Dec 12
Yes the guest stars are very interesting to watch but I only watch the scenes in New york not the High school scenes because the new characters are boring.
@telovi (5)
• Malaysia
31 Dec 12
I do like all those new members. They each have interesting background which everyone could relate to but the only issue I'm having with current season are I find those new characters story was kind of rushed to the story with some looks repeating and tired . Look back at season one. Who really thought Quinn could sing or Santana and Britanny that comes follow her from Cheerios to New Direction would eventually have stories of their own or solo singing part. And Mike Cheng, I bet no one could guess he will stay that long in the series, right. Season one story gave clear direction with carefully character introduction and development. This converted many devotees fan around the world. Now forward to season 4, we have Jake Puckerman whose join the group after two episodes with Kitty that having on/off relationship with Marley followed him. The old character doesn't get the attention they should get, this made some of them looks alien to us even though they had been in the group since last season. This helps a lot in making season 4 looks like a giant pile of old shirts and trouser. This confused long fan and scared new fan. Their music selection was still good though.
• St. Peters, Missouri
29 Dec 12
Oh dear, I'm in the minority. I'm a Gleek through and through. I record every episode and watch it at soon as possible. There have been some I've watched several times. For me, I like some of the characters a lot. I enjoy seeing what's in store for them. But I'm a huge fan of their music. I love what they do with it. The new season has some interesting twists. You basically have the three new characters that have filled the places of Rachel, Finn, and Quinn. The new characters filling the void of Rachel and Quinn (Marley and Kitty respectively) are battling it out. The character filling Finn's seat is Ryder. They've started a story line with him being diagnosed as dyslexic. Marley's mom is extremely overweight. This is another unusual story line. I think they've done more this season with bringing in long term guest stars to add more to the story lines.