Am I paranoid?

@ivan88 (193)
December 28, 2012 10:50pm CST
Ever since I have read this book, I've felt something weird about the way things are run nowadays by the most advanced governments. I simply know that the modern satellite technology is capable of miracles. from space, satellites are capable of seeing everything to the smallest particles. Satellites can reduce their vision to your book - they can easily read what you're reading right now. Moreover, satellites are capable of seeing what is under the surface of Earth. This is supposed to enable correct weather predictions, magma movements (to predict earthquakes and tsunamis). However, natural catastrophes still occur. No matter how well we can predict them, we get into the condition of an earthquake, a tsunami, a tornado, or any other natural occurrence, and all of this surveillance stuff "goes out the window." Therefore, perhaps, all of this technology that the most advanced states are having could be used for surveillance on regular people. What they're doing. What they're reading. Their emailing activities, their forum and blog writing. All of this stuff we do may be observed to each simple detail form space. Because all of this advanced stuff doesn't seem to help us much against natural catastrophes, or it MAY help us, but it's only directed towards some faulty reason - to observe what we do, for control purpose. It could this great invasion of privacy. I kid you not.
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• India
8 Jan 13
I finished reading this book a few days ago. Absolutely brilliant story writing by Orwell, although the story itself was depressing to say the least. The good news is, it was pure fiction. While governments can and occasionally do snoop into our private lives, it is impossible to establish the kind of dystopian society described in the book in today's world. We are far too connected, with communication barriers almost non-existent. And no, satellites cannot go as far as reading what I am writing right now. That's not how they work. Not to mention the practical difficulties involved in monitoring billions of people individually. I guess as long as we don't have telescreens and are not hounded by Thought Police, we can relax and lead our lives with relative comfort.
@Adoniah (7515)
• United States
31 Dec 12
They ARE invading our privacy everywhere...There is a government website that now lists the words that they screen our email,cell phone calls and internet searches for! They do know what we are doing all the time and have for years. Some of the words are so off the wall that you have to wonder just how paranoid our government has gotten... They are testing drones that fly our of the air force base near me. These are not the ones that will be used my our fighting soldiers. They are drones designed to watch US. The government has said so and many cities have already put in orders for them when they go on sale. We are being watched, recorded, and incarcerated for things that no one has the right to incarcerate us for and now we have no privacy at all.