What do you think of people who sell testimonial services?

@cluelle (132)
December 29, 2012 9:54am CST
I've mentioned that I use Fiverr before, and one aspect of the site that drives me crazy is the number of people offering "natural, attractive, bilingual" testimonies. I know times are hard and we all want to make (four) bucks as easily as possible, but the larger issue, to me, is that these services perpetuate a mindset of dishonestly and sleaze... that it cheapens the world we live in.
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• St. Peters, Missouri
30 Dec 12
I use Fiverr a lot also. It always amazes me to watch these videos and hear them talk about these products as if they actually used them. All the while knowing they are following a script given to them by the owner of the product. In my book, these aren't testimonials. To me, a testimonial is one that is given by an actual customer. I think most innocent people reading or hearing these would assume it's being given by a happy customer. It's a disgrace and I hate that Fiverr allows it. Their terms of service includes a statement about what's allowed. Illegal and improper are included no-nos. This is improper to me and should be illegal - even though it isn't.
@Cutie18f (9563)
• Philippines
30 Dec 12
The same is true with models, right? In commercials they always pay people to say something good about the products. So it is much the same thing I think.