concern with this allergies

December 29, 2012 8:48pm CST
there are some instances I cant get rid of my allergies on dust because I often clean my room. Even though I use a face mask for protection I sneeze and sneeze all over again. This could be worst if I cant treat them right away.
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• United States
30 Dec 12
I have allergies as well, and I take three different allergy and asthma medications. I am on Flovent, Flonaise, and Singulair. I also use Saline Solution if my allergies are really bad. Right now is the worst time for allergies because the weather is really bad. Yes, you will sneeze more, your nose will run, your eyes will be dry or watery, and your skin will be dry and itchy. All you can do is treat each symptom one at a time. If you are sneezing, blow your nose, take some Saline Solution take and Zyrtec or Allegra (which ever one works better for you). If your eyes are watery or dry, use eye drops. If your skin is dry, lotions and certain oils work pretty well. Again, treat one symptom at a time. If things are really bad, then you need to see your doctor, also yes, keeping things as clean as you can really does help.
• Philippines
30 Dec 12
thank you. I spend more time treating those symptoms but it actually come back again for some time. Great you give me some options.
@Otanetix (509)
• United States
2 Jan 13
I also have allergies to dust, but it's not too severe. However, when it comes to pollen, my sinuses are always congested during the springtime. I usually take some allergy pills or just go see a doctor to get a prescription for a stronger medicine for allergies.
@911Ricki (13602)
• Canada
1 Jan 13
By removing the allergen will just make it worse, you need to make yourself acceptable of it.
@deazil (4697)
• United States
30 Dec 12
I find the best way to treat ailments is naturally, with homeopathic remedies. Here is a site you may like The apple cider vinegar they speak of is organic. It works well because the healing properties have not been removed by the distillation process. I hope this helps. And welcome to mylot!
@Jennlee3 (292)
• United Kingdom
30 Dec 12
I would suggest consulting your medical physician if you have one or at least a local pharmacist. If not, do some research online. I say this only because while many of us deal with simple allergies like dust and pollen, for some they can be very severe. My brother's were so severe, over the counter medication was not enough and he needed to get allergy shots. It might be worth talking to a professional to see how severe yours might be and what treatment options are available to you.