There is only One Way to Heaven

December 29, 2012 8:49pm CST
The Only way to get into Heaven is through Jesus Christ the Son. Many people in todays society would have a debate with me n this issue and tell me that there are many paths to Heaven. But God is not the author of confusion. He distinctly said in the Word That I am the way the truth and Life and No man comes to the Farther But through Me. The only way to Heaven is to repent and Believe on the Jesus Christ where you can be saved and delivered and set free in Jesus Name, Father God U I pray on behalf on those wh read this that you would remove the scales f there eyes and they will see beyond the Nataral eye but through the Eyes of the Holy Spirit that you are the only way turth and life and they nNeed to turn there lives over to you today. And belivev on the Name of the only begotton Son Jesus Christ The Son of the Living God in Jesus NAme I Pray this amen.
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@edvc77 (2143)
• Philippines
30 Dec 12
Amen to this and to your prayer. There is only One Mediator between God and men and that is our Lord Jesus Christ. He is our Savior and Lord. Through HIm we can be saved. God Bless
• Bermuda
30 Dec 12
Hallelujah Glory Be To God it is Jesus and Jesus Alone Glory to His Holy Name He is the Only Way Truth and Life and there is none other.
@aerous (13474)
• Philippines
31 Dec 12
I agree with you that the way to heaven is through our Lord Jesus Christ. But you need to understand what the way on how our lord jesus christ, save his people.
@prashu228 (25516)
• India
30 Dec 12
Hi Blessedwoman According to me there is only one way to heaven that is through Jesus Christ and coming to your debate with others did they tell you what are the other ways to heaven ? if it is a short cut way please tell me ill try t follow those short cuts ,It is funny to hear that they have other ways when bible it self says that I AM THE ONLY WAY .I pray to GOD so they open their eyes and understand the real meaning and fact to heaven Amen. God Bless You All Have a nice time.