Today's Need For a Hero

@ivan88 (193)
December 29, 2012 10:42pm CST
This amazing work of art (yes, good graphic novel is art to me) has predicted many ways, in which the world would be suffocated today. We really don't see it, but the religious fundamentalism has taken one of the ugliest forms nowadays. The main governments, the most advanced states all group around the same people that profit form our own negligence. Only the warfare nowadays seems to be the solution for all problems. So, in a sense, we all live in a police-world. Even though officially we claim to exist in democracy. I mean, the police-state features of the modern world are evident. Look at the mercenary army in US - Blackwater, - these guys have the official "license to kill." Do a little research on them, and you will see that the history of that army is full of dark moments and loops, moments which have omitted the right or true order of things. Blackwater was already utilized abroad, but they can easily be applied against their own people. "V for Vendetta" is an amazing book. It has predicted, with an inspiration from "1984," the present state of political affairs. Highly recommended as a good read and as a great movie. Enjoy!
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• India
29 Oct 15
I want to download that as an ebook. Can you confirm the link?
• Calgary, Alberta
28 Feb 13
this is one of my fave graphic novels next to "Y the last man" and Sin city. so when it was adopted as a movie,I was instantly in the theaters. Its a visual poetry with lots of political themes. Even-though I hate all the politicians in my country, This graphic novel is the reason why I still vote in elections. V is the vigilante that i want to be but I can for I don't want to put my life in a risk. some people think this comicbook is just gore and violence but its shows a statement, It has an eye opening message.