My Christmas

December 30, 2012 12:57am CST
Well, actually I should be celebrating my christmas with my parents and brother in the province but there's thing happened. We decided to go at our province after my exam. It happened but while I was in the bus , my tita bring first my lola to restroom so that she will not asked the driver to stop in case it might come,haha. The bus was trying to go but I told them to wait. I was so excited but at the same time nervous because the thought comes into my mind was tita will be left by the bus . I didn't know that my grandma was with her. Suddenly , my tita went in and said that we can't go because my lola can't stand it. I saw my lola put in a chair and carried by two men. I was so disappointed that time because I was very much excited. I also got a little anger to my grandma. Actually, it brought me to depression. It was my christmas without my bfamily at my side. I remember the time that we went to church during misa de gallo, the time that we ate together, we slept together, the time I put a sock on our window with my brother because we believe that Santa Claus will put a gift on it(although we know it's our parents). I just miss them so much. I felt sad but time goes by, I enjoy my christmas with my cousins and relatives here in Manila. Merry Christmas and happy new year.
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@dodoazo (22051)
• Philippines
30 Dec 12
You should not get angry with your grandma. You should respect her. That's a bad attitude.
1 Jan 13
Thank you foor telling me that but I did not yell at her or show things that can hurt her, I just hide it. I just felt bad on things happened, not totally on my grandma. It is okay because I love my grandma so much.