Why President Obama won and what he will accomplish the next four years.

United States
December 30, 2012 1:42am CST
There are 3 reasons President Obama won 1st: Barack Obama ran a smart campaign that appealed to the hopes of the majority of the people. Most people are seeking to better themselves and want the government to help them and provide more service, money and benefits and the people felt the President would try to help them. Mitt Romney was mostly correct about the 47% but not about they're aspirations and work ethic. Most average americans work hard and just want a little help to keep them above water and they felt President Obama understood that. 2nd: The fair shake syndrome severely hurt conservatives and Mitt Romney.Conservatives tried to paint the picture of Obama as being a failure but most people attributed the difficulties the President had to the unwilllingness and the intrangiecy of those against him. Most Americans feel from the start he was not given a fair shake by those who did not want his presidency to be successful for whatever reason. Whether the reason was race, his perceived inexperience or his policies. Most people feel he was never given a fair shake and they did not like that. Americans voted against and unfair voice trying to tear things down. They saw Mitch McConnel say his number thing was to make Obama a one term President and heard the push against everything he tried by conservatives and they voted against that type of mindset. From talk radio to Fox news there was a campaign against him that tried to set him up for failure. Almost like during Jim Crow days there was a law that you had to read to own property or vote but everything in the system was set up to make that difficult. It was a trick set up to control and manipulate the system and American people saw past that. 3rd: Obama won because the world and the electorate has changed. The face of those voting are Asian, Black, Hispanic, Moderate, Gay, Straight and all the different human stripes of the equation. And the American people felt The President best represented this new paradigm and Mitt Romney and the Republicans were trying to hold on to days of yester year where white males held all major influence. Obama won because the world has changed. The President will accomplish great things but he should be ready for some surprises. The challenges in the world will continue to escalate and demand great navigation to get past the new perils that will come.
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