Without further consideration, I bought this Mac mini online

United States
December 30, 2012 11:25am CST
Last night while I was at my break at work, I browse my cell phone on deal news, I found this good deal on Apple Mac mini, which is strictly from Apple store, for a dual core i5, $469 a refurbished Mac mini. After all, although it is a refurbished product, Apple offer 1 - year limited warranty on it. I never have an Apple computer before, so that is my first one, and I would consider it as my post Christmas gift for myself. One question though, I never used Mac mini before, does it compatible with any monitor, and keyboard, mouse? Or I have to order these accessory parts from Apple store too? Does anyone use Mac mini before who can give me some advice on it?
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• Philippines
30 Dec 12
We have a Mac mini at home, and its connected to non-apple stuff :) The monitor, mouse and keyboard are all non-Apple, so I think you can use it :)
• United States
30 Dec 12
Thanks for your advice, I would definitely hoping for that Mac mini to arrive soon. Thanks again!
@inertia4 (27785)
• United States
14 Jan 13
It should connect to any monitor and also any keyboard and mouse. You might need to buy the connectors to hook it up. It will also connect to an HD TV as a monitor. My mother has one and she loves it. I personally own an iMac.
• Philippines
2 Jan 13
Mac computers has a good reputation in terms of its device's performance, although it has a very pretty much high in terms of its price range, so buying something that is on sale most especially such gadgets is a great deal. As long as it has been purchased on legit stores then you are safe in your shopping. Although online shops do take time in terms of its item delivery.
@telovi (5)
• Malaysia
30 Dec 12
It has been 3 years now but I still feel glad I picked Mac Mini over another computer, because it was a joy to use. In order to make it as a complete desktop; you need a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and a pair of speaker. Buying these stuffs from Apple store wouldn't be necessary. Reuse your old accessory if available, if not, any model half the price of those models you see in Apple store will work fine. From what I read I believe you're first times Mac user, so you wouldn't be familiar with Mac OS X. Don't worry, it applied the same principle as like another operating system, you just need to spend so time getting used to their User Interface layout.
@farjun (135)
• Israel
30 Dec 12
it is a good computer you made a good deal.. if you need help useing the mac software just go online to apple's site and get guildens there.