my phone already phase out..

@asliah (11147)
December 30, 2012 10:54pm CST
greetings to all of you guys,who among of you have a Nokia phone?do you still want this unit?how often do you change your unit?why? i was a Nokia fan and all i bought phones were all from Nokia,the last time i bought Nokia was the Nokia N97 which the price was 25 thousand,after a year this December i found out that my unit is already phase out and that so fast,that is why i choose to buy Samsung now because it will take many years before the price will go down rather than Nokia.
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@karjatwala (1126)
• Pune, India
31 Dec 12
Yes with new technology coming in, gadgets get phased out much earlier then you can think. I too am a user of a Nokia phone but am sing it for more then a year or so, but now am planning to get another one or an ipad for use with the internet and a simple phone for receiving and making calls. Not yet decided.
31 Dec 12
mobiles taking over the world, i tell ya!!! -------------------------------------------
• Philippines
14 Jan 13
Technologies are fast rising and the new units now may be phased out a year after depending on how new releases perform on the market. No matter which brand you choose, its future value still depends on the market and customers.
@toniganzon (55292)
• Philippines
6 Jan 13
The last time i owned a Nokia phone was about a decade ago. Yes, I wasn't kidding! It's been ten years or maybe more! When the first colored mms phone came out, it was by Sony Ericsson and that was what i chose over Nokia. Then i never switched back. I change phones every two years or sometimes less. If i couldn't wait till my service provider would give me a new one, i buy whatever i think is the best phone that could cater to my needs and come the end of two years, i give away the phone that my service provider gives.
@Shavkat (72425)
• Philippines
1 Jan 13
Personally speaking, I still like using phones that are obsolete. The batteries are not easily drained and it is simple to use. I am referring it to a basic mobile phones.
@mariaperalta (19094)
• Mexico
31 Dec 12
I just bought a cheap nokia phone at walmart a few month ago here. I really dont use the cell that often. I have one just for emergencies while im in the streets.
@rahul2u (201)
• India
31 Dec 12
hi also like nokia branded mobile phones very much. but from past few years i didn't see good mobiles from this brand. the basic nokia model phones are a big success in performance battery and cost. now they can't face the competition from other brands. now also i'm having nokia basic mobile from past 5 years. it has a minute probles but the battery last for 5 days. now i have LG smart phone. i'm kken to see best model phones in future from nokia. thank you.
@MizzLadyB08 (1175)
• United States
31 Dec 12
I just upgraded from a Blackberry to a Samsung. Years ago I used Nokia, that is when they were very popular.
31 Dec 12
Greeting to you for new year. I had Nokia. Nokia handsets being easy to operate hence got popularity. Since it has to be import, its price is too high because of duties and taxes. Samsung handsets are better replacement to Nokia. Now I replaced Nokia by Samsung
• China
31 Dec 12
I am also using Nokia and the same, i will also pick a Samsung. Since the case between Iphone and Samsung, i think Samsung has took its place in the cell phone market. We all know that the current cell world is an Androl world, and most Samsung phones use Androl system which really caught the pace of the progress of info-tech age. Though Nokia system has gradually trasferred to Androl, but what remained in our mind is its traditional system, which as you said has phrased out. Another incident upgraded the Samsung inmage is what i have told above, the case between Samsung and iphone. All you may know that there is a kind of Sam phone which looks like iphone, and compared with the iphone price, it is really attractive. I can guess that the iphone fans prefer iphone for its appearence and its function, and most consumers are more preferrable on the appearence of iphone. So if there is a cheaper cell which looks like iphone from the appearence, so why we not choose it?? After such a simulation, the Samsung consumers accounted for a large part, which leaves it lawsuit from the iphone. Though the iphone brought the Samsung some trouble, it really established its image. After that, with the Glaxay serie coming out, Samsung attracts more fans. It has become a cell tycoon in the market. So i also consider to get one.
• Japan
31 Dec 12
Cellphone - Different model of cellphones
I used to use lot of nokia phones before;-) back from 2006 and 2008 I had used lot of Nokia phones already but when I notice Nokia that too many models and starting to annoys me so started using Samsung and HTC phone these are my favorite phone and I always have spare phone back then I love those two brand but I ended up using apple since my hubby is a big fan of apple since then.
@prashu228 (25490)
• India
31 Dec 12
Hi asliah I am also using Nokia Phone from many years i never tried Samsung phones .My recent Nokia phone is C5-03 after i purchased it some more advanced versions are been out in to the market now i wanna change my mobile according to my knowledge and reading our My lot friends comments Samsung is doing good and i wanna try it recently i heard Samsung launched Smart Phones I want to try it for sure .My next Phone is Samsung for sure. Advanced New Year Greeting's To All.
@Strovek (870)
• Malaysia
31 Dec 12
Nokia N97 is a symbian phone. Nokia is killing the system due to declining demand. However, if the phone provides all the features you need, why should you worry if it is end of life?
@ARIES1973 (9537)
• Legaspi, Philippines
31 Dec 12
I am using nokia phone. Although I also have the same observation about Samsung in comparison to nokia. Though as long as I can still my phone it would be okay for me. But of course I am also planning to buy the latest model of Samsung but I have to save money for it. Have a nice day!
• Australia
31 Dec 12
I still have and still use a NOKIA phone, i use phone not mainly for its functionality or popularity but for practicality. I do have two sim cards, one local and one roaming number, i just don't what to bring two phones with me.