When China's corrupt can over

January 1, 2013 11:11am CST
2013 will start a new time, Xi's leadship power in China, China will face more difficluty challenge: manufacture is downturn , labor cost become much more, price competivity is not obvious in foreig trade file, stock is always down, people can't feel hope of future ect , so many things ... but the most import thing is the corrupt , Chinese People's most focus point: Corrupt , China's next station will hell if this proble can's solved in future.
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@bnb694 (2)
• Zhejiang, China
26 Apr 13
i completely agree with u. i'm chinese, the stuation you describe truely exist around my life. i' rally hate the corrupt, it's not fair, why the offical could get the illegal without any pain. 4 of 4 corrupt once or more, i don't know how the goverment deal with the problem, but i strongly believe that the Xi's leadship power will solve the problem up to a point. we will see ...
• China
3 Jan 13
Corruption is a international problem and can be seen in everywhere,and as for China,because of the special national condition,it will be more hard than other countries. It still have a long long way to go,but we Chinese will overcome it sooner or later.
• Philippines
2 Jan 13
Wow someone just say the government is solving the problems...Well as much i can as long the government of China kept hiding the truth from the people and showing only the bad sides of other countries..and China stop their political bullying is the southeast asia..I think the corruption will continue..They always not show to the people the truth about the corruption of the leaders in China take a look Wen Jia Bao most of his family is the richest family in china sound surprise me I'm not.. Sooner or later they will loose their foreign investors..
• China
2 Jan 13
The government is solving this problem.