Chicken coop is prohibited at some cities

United States
January 1, 2013 7:51pm CST
I don't know whether the county would allow us to have a chicken coop with some chicken at the backyard, or it is violate the law. My next door neighbor has a couple of chicken, and I heard them at the morning sometimes. When I go to my backyard, I can see there is a chicken coop, and sometimes the next door lady feeding her chicken there. A good friend of mine told me that, his mom try to had some chicken at her backyard before, but the neighbor complained about it, and they alert the authority, and they got fined for having a chicken coop there. I don't know whether it violate the law here or not, but I won't snitch my next door neighbor though, because they don't bother me at all. What about your city, does the county allow you to have a chicken coop at your backyard?
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• Dominican Republic
2 Jan 13
you could ask you near neighbours if they would object , maybe you could tempt them with some fresh eggs. I expect someone would complain if you have a noisy rooster , but they are not needed for eggs Evryone has them here and they are very noisy , they seem to crow all day not just mornings0 but there is no authority to complain to here so everything is noisy
@yanzalong (10151)
• Indonesia
2 Jan 13
Chicken coops would be disturbing in some ways but I don't think it is against the law having a chicken coop. Neighbors might feel disturbed at the smell but they cannot do further than just complain about it.
• India
2 Jan 13
Thats a good law i guess. I dont think we have any law like that here. But yes we can stop spreading unwanted flies and virus by this. So its good to follow.
@toyota4k (1212)
• Philippines
2 Jan 13
There is no law prohibiting anyone to raise chicken in backyards in my country. However you get the ire of you neighbors if you are an irresponsible coop owner. If you live in a congested neighborhood, raise at your own risk if you let them free like range chicken as though the whole neighborhood is the open range. Lol.
@marguicha (91999)
• Chile
2 Jan 13
It seems that there are places where you can`t have a chicken coop. But regulations change as big houses with bigger gardens give room to apartments. I used to have a chicken coop in my backyard, but that was 40 years ago.
@ARIES1973 (9533)
• Legaspi, Philippines
2 Jan 13
Hi king! Your neighbor will certainly file a complaint against the owner if they cannot maintain the cleanliness within the area. So it is not advisable to put up a chicken coop in an area where there are households as many will be affected. The authorities will take action once a resident filed a complaint. Actually, we have a plan of having a poultry farm but the problem is the place. But if this problem will be addressed, this is a very good business to start with. Happy New Year!