People here are really nice

@verolop29 (1096)
United States
January 1, 2013 11:21pm CST
When you move to a different place or town or wherever u may or may not start to feel overwhelmed or anxious about what u think ppl will treat u. That was me. I heard tons of things and none of them were what I thought. Sure what town or city doesn't have a bad rep? I thought I was going to get robed and all these bad things but none of that happened to me. I got myself overworked for nothing lol! Have u ever done that to urself?! So as everyone know by now..I have moved to a new town and the people here are nice and helpfull! Our new neighbors are nice and I am a little thrilled to be here now while as before I wasn't so happy to move because do was going to do everything alone. My hubby would help me but he can't. You see my husband is now working evenings and doesn't get out until we're asleep so he can't...I can't really depend on him like I use to. It's ok but I feel lonely I miss him and I told him so but he just laughted and called me silly. So I'm making myself super busy. This morning I really needed to do laundry so I went out and got that taken care of right away! I didn't know where to go because where I live now it as big as Houston tx! So I got lost looking for lowes only to find it on my way home! I found the parts I was looking for thanks to the lady at the Lowes! So I fixed my dryer and now I'm washing clothes so I think things are looking better for the new year..which is a good thing. Now I've got to find a school...which shouldn't be too hard to do; there are tons of schools and shopping centers here it's making my mind spin like a wheel! I have missed mylot so much but I have been busy like crazy. If u have moved and were as deeply involved as I am then u would understand how simple things are! Unpacking. Most of the things I packed my three year old helped by unpacking as soon as I put it in the box. I love her to death but sometimes I can just about loose my temper; just about. Buti didn't. I told myself things could be a lot worse...and everything was was fine. I'm glad I'm here. I'm closer to family. What else could make it better? Ummm a job. An outside home job.
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• Estado De Mexico, Mexico
2 Jan 13
hello there, Wish you and your family a happy new year. Its really nice to hear that you have moved to a new place and has started liking it.It is really difficult to cope up with new surrounding and people over there and understanding them,trust me on this because even I have moved to a new country for my job purpose. I am glad to hear that the neighbors are good because when you need some help their should be good neighbors around. Well as you have moved to a new place your husband might be taking some extra effort to make you and your kids comfortable with other needs,perhaps that is why he is working so hard. Now when you are close to your family,that will give you a peace of mind and satisfaction too. Well as they say,noting in the world is good or bad,its our thinking which makes it.So start everything with positive thinking and see what happens,if things works out,good for you and if not,it will teach you a new lesson to be prepared for it in the future. take care raj india
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• Philippines
2 Jan 13
I'm so glad I'm here at mylot too. I'm learning many things as well in this site besides earning. Mylotters are really nice and their posts are ineteresting and good. It's good to hear that from you as well. Thanks for this. Happy New Year!