Finally worked out how to get that banner

January 2, 2013 6:52pm CST
For ages I tried to find where people got their little advertising banner from, the one where you can stick it on your blog or a page to link back to your facebook fan page. I then finally gave up on it and forgot about it and then just a few days ago I found it! I've never really been good at figuring out Facebook, they keep changing things in it and it's not always user friendly Does anyone else have a hard time navigating or finding things on there? And whilst I'm on the subject who else hates all those apps that want to post on your behalf and do all that crap? I find I don't do a lot of things on there because of that and sometimes I feel like I can't do anything without the whole of FB knowing about it! Facebook annoys me
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@ctryhnny (3463)
• United States
3 Jan 13
I don't want to put a banner on my fb page but I'm trying to figure out how to do it here on mylot. I belong to a couple of sites that are good and actually pay but I don't know how to put the banners on my profile page? Do you?
@mysdianait (64058)
• Italy
3 Jan 13
On those couple of sites that are good that you belong to there will be a section dedicated to your referring sources. Go there and find the HTML code for the banner with your referral link. Then follow the instructions in the myLot FAQs here:
• Australia
4 Jan 13
Thanks for helping Mysd ctryhnny I meant that I found the FB banner to put on blogs and sites not the other way around. I had been looking for ages and couldn't find it and then when I'm not looking I seem to find it. Figures