A Great Movie I Will Share With You All

January 3, 2013 4:27am CST
I just finished a movie called " He does not like you terribly much", a very food for thought for every girl. Though i am a boy, i can also taste some suggestions and situations the movie showed us. First, it gave out a question about what it meant when he did not call you. The movie told us that sometimes a guy will keep in touch with you if he shows interests on you, if not do not waste your time on waiting his call or messages. It also gave us a useful tip about a common greeting " It's glad to meet you!". If the guys say it to you in the begining, it can represent his interest on you, however, if it is put when saying goodbye, it's not a good sign for your girls. From this situation, i find out one of the big advantages to be a boy, because we can always be positive and active in pursuing our love. Second, the movie talked about XX between lovers. It shows that if the girl has no intention to have XX with you after two weeks in relationship, it will mean that the girl does not hold a strong crash on you. When i heard this theory, i felt a bit amazed. A two-weeks period may be appropriate for people with open culture, which certainly cannot be a benchmark for our Chinese girls. Third, also XX. If your boy cheated on you, what will you react, especially the married ones. It has become a phenomenon that husbands or bfs always turn their fidelity, but when you find out, will you explode yourself or keep it silent to make your relationship go smoothly?? These are all very thoughtful episodes. I strongly recommand your girls to have a watch, and you will be more clear for whether your boy does terribly like you. I hope all of you will get YES..;)
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@ctryhnny (3463)
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3 Jan 13
Are you talking about the movie "he's not that into you"...if you are yes, it was a good movie and was full of tips for dating and helping a relationship run smoothly.