Will You Take The Expenses Of Changing All Yourself To Marry You Beloved??

January 3, 2013 5:09am CST
I just finished a touching movie this morning about a Deutsch guy with his Turkish wedding. The story happened in Berlin. A CD shopper owner, a deutsch guy felt in love with a turkish girl. He once wanted to give a hand to someone but suffered a beat from the bad guys. Fortunately, he was bumped into a beautiful turkish girl who helped her escaped. After the first met, the hadsome boy felt in love with her, of course same does the turkish beauty. However, due to different cultures and different nationalities, the boy encountered overlapping difficulties. The turkish guys and Deutsche always look down each other. Besides, the turkish family has its own tradition and custom that the offspring normally inheret the father's religion. The turkish family is Muslin, but the Deutsch doesn't, which made the conflict start. But the boy really loved the girl, so he was impulsive to determin to be a Muslin. During his transfe to Muslin, he suffered a lot even thoes intolerable to him. Sayings can always authenticate itself that there are no obstacles in front of ture love. In the end the lovers can always hold a happy ending. His turkish wedding just make imagine our life. It is common that we married with someone holding background or customs. We cannot make these factors built as a wall in front of our relationship. Of course, they will be obstacles all through our life. In marriage, the couple will also be faced with many problems provoked by culture, tradition, background or custom. What we wanna do is to be involved in our partner's life that he or she kept for more than twenty years. Devotion and toleration are two necessities that either of them cannot be missed. In the end, to these unmarried, i bless you will win your marriage, while to these married, i bless you will keep a happy life. In short, bless all the lovers, and me too..:)
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@subhojit10 (7381)
• India
3 Jan 13
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Well in my opinion i have seen such romantic stories on TV screens only and i hardly think such things can ever happen in reality. i know there are some people are can sacrifice every thing for their love and can even go to the extent of changing themselves and if that ever happens then that speaks how much serious they are for love and for the relationship. What say?