requesting information on traveling alone in Costa Rica and Panama

@angemac23 (2005)
January 3, 2013 11:05am CST
I originally wanted to do a guided tour from Costa Rica into Panama. I will be staying for a week in Montezuma, Costa Rica but would like to take an extra week to explore more of the area, particularly into Panama. I am thinking that I may have to do this on my own as none of the tours I have come across coincide with the dates I want to do this. I would like information on traveling from Montezuma into other areas of Costa Rica and Panama and flying out of Panama City to come home. I am a 32 year-old female traveling alone. Is it relatively safe for to do this in this area? I also would like any information at all on hostels, ground transportation and the best way to do this route while still seeing all the must-see attractions and anything else I might need to know to do this trek safely and enjoyably!
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@marguicha (108981)
• Chile
4 Jan 13
I went to Panama friefly 2 years ago and everything was magnificent. But I did not go alone. I went in a boat with friends from Cartagena de Indias to Panama, mainly sailing through the San Blas islands (Kunayala). We reached Colon and hired a taxi to take us all to Panama Citiy to take the plane back home.
@bostonphil (4427)
• United States
3 Jan 13
I have not been to either country so I can not give you direct information but I can recommend some sources. I would do a search for both sites. Send for travel information from the individual countries. Check with Trip Advisor. I see that you live in Canada. I know that many Americans both live and visit Costa Rica and Panama. I do not think they would if either country was terribly unsafe. I personally know many Americans who have visited Costa Rica. No one said anything about feeling unsafe but one person felt that she was ripped off because she was an American. You are going to need do a lot of research before you leave. There are sites for hostels. Many sites in fact. I really like Trip Adviser which I mentioned earlier and I use to book travel in the United States but they are an international site with reviews.
• United States
3 Jan 13
I would not travel the aruba area of panama alone at all. Its scary there and on the news you have heard so many travelers getting abducted there and killed so that is aplace throughout the panama i would not go at all. The whole stacy hollaway thing happened there. My entire family is itnrested in going through the panama and one of the stops was aruba and i even asid ill get off the cruise if im with a group of people and holding onto someone because thats scary there and not safe at all but then again its a pretty place to see but i might want to stay on board the cruise. Be safe but have fun too.
@mariaperalta (19094)
• Mexico
3 Jan 13
I hear they are great places to visit, but not sure Id do it alone. I think you should take someone with you, or get a guide there. Have fun....