Is Thinking Unrelated to the Language?

January 3, 2013 1:53pm CST
All of my life, I thought that thinking is closely related to the extent we speak a language and capacity of vocabulary we have in our minds... Do you think that's the way it is ? Or do you think they are independent?
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@artauxeo (287)
• Philippines
3 Jan 13
i sometimes watch japanese shows without subtitles, and i can somehow relate or understand what they are saying. but i still have hard times speaking some of their language. i'm still studying nihongo. but at least, i'm getting somewhere with my study. another thought.. light beings doesn't communicate using their mouth but with their minds. talking seems very primitive for them. XD
• Turkey
3 Jan 13
:) I always think about people who can't speak or understand what they hear.I think it's impossible for them not to think.Because most of the time when they regain their language they talk about their past toughts when they didn't have a language. Thanks anyway...