A zed and two noughts - A film everyone should see

January 4, 2013 1:53pm CST
A zed and two noughts, directed by Peter Greenaway is an absolute masterpiece. Since the first time I saw it I fell deeply in love with it, Greenaway's training in classical art lends the film an unrivalled visual splendor that I never tire of. The film is not only strikingly beautiful to look at but the dialogue has a poetry to it which underpins the existential themes of the film. I personally think anyone who is interested in making films or even considers themselves a film lover should see this film. Has anyone else seen it and if so what was your impression?
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• Philippines
6 Apr 13
I have wanted to see a Peter Greenaway film for a long time ever since I heard about him and his aesthetic. So then I was able to watch The Baby of Macon. A lot of people say it is his worst film etcetera and I can say I am not yet ready to watch it again, maybe ever. But it has kept me thinking for a long time and got me hungry for more Greenaway. I want to see A zed and two noughts but it is so hard to find.