I get to keep my two babies Im so happy

United States
January 5, 2013 10:42pm CST
Well not too long ago I posted that we had to find new homes for our two dogs bella and ginger. Because my 3 year old and 10 year old daugther had allergies to them and they both were getting very sick. Well the doctor said we could keep our two cats temporarily until the allergy tests came back. Well they came back yesterday and both girls are ok no cat allergies YAY! so that means my Pepper and my Peaches can stay. Im so happy. Especially over Pepper we have had for 5 years now and he has been with me through some hard times. I couldnt imagine him not being a part of our family. He consoled me when my grandma passed away. He is such a loving, gentle cat. Im so happy they can continue to be with us. You see the town we was living in prior to moving back home we knew we wasnt going to be there for no more than a year longer so we moved into a smaller place to save on some money and to be closer to the kids school. Well when we was moving we made a quick stop at the dollar store. his door wasnt latched properly on his cage and he got out and no one could get him. My hear sank and I was sad for such a long time. Well on mothers day we was all outside on the porch because we was having a cookout and the kids were playing ball with some friends. When my daughter says mom that cat looks like pepper I said its not him and didnt think nothing well he stayed on that corner for the longest time just starring at us and he laid down and was rolling back n forth and I kept looking at him and so I told my daughter danielle to see if she could get him well she had no problem at all she went over and said pepper and he came right to her. She brought him to me and I was looking at me cause he had a couple of unquie spots on him that I would be able to know if it was him and a sure enough I said omg! it is him. He had been gone for 8 months. Then about a month later we was able to move without no problems and that time when we moved I made sure he wasnt able to get out.I am just so glad that my girls arent allergic to them and they can stay.
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6 Jan 13
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Well that is a good thing and now i hope your kids are not having any problem with your pets. i also believe that there are many people who are allergic to pet animals and hence they must be kept separately so that they do not create any kind of allergies in others. They can be kept a bit away from the house may be in the back yard so that they can be visited whenever it is needed. What say?