o m g

January 5, 2013 11:33pm CST
hiiiiiiii friends i have a soul mate or lover or life partner. we are studying in same college. had a relation such that no one in my college had. every day we and our works are the hot topics in college. we have been so affectionate, lovable free birds. we went for a movie in night and i left my darling at her home(just near by street). and said bye darling sweet dreams. and left to my home.i had my dinner and went to bed.i woke up as regular and went for a morning walk and didnt find my darling there. hope that was due to late show. i got freshed up and went to pick up my sweety waited for 15 mins no sign of her. i went to her house and get shocked that there was my darling lied down dead. my heart was broken. i screamed " O M G why did u did this to me, why did u make my half missing with me". i cant control my feelings and screaming like mad person. suddenly suddenly suddenly i fell from my bed and i realised it was a DREAM again said " O M G thank you" i called up to my darling. then i was relaxed. then i was silent for some time and laughed " if there is a situation that happened in my dream my heart would have stopped seeing that and nothing happened to me, why cant i realise it was a dream as i was alive there? there after i stopped taking her to late shows. LOVE U DARLING.................................. hiiiiiiii friends had u ever felt a situation like this. why do we get these type of dreams
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