The Status Promtpts By Facebook!

January 7, 2013 12:07pm CST
How effective do you think are the status update prompts at facebook are? Every time you log in to facebook, you find a different prompt. Some of the examples are: 1)How are you feeling? 2)How are you Doing? 3)What's Going On? Do you think, they really tap in your attention to elicit a status update?
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@fannekhan (783)
• India
8 Jan 13
yes, that seems to be the idea. Now that FB is a public listed company they are accountable to their stake holders. The stock price had plummeted seriously before counter measures were taken. Don't know how effective were they? What is the share price of FB? any idea?
• India
8 Jan 13
The last time the share price of Fb was 29.4 USD.. though since the company is only listed in NASDAQ you will have to fill a two sided W-8BEN form to confirm your foreign status for tax purposes. and some upfront payment for first transation is also required by the brokers..
@ctryhnny (3463)
• United States
7 Jan 13
I never get prompts like that on fb unless one of my friends posts it. Lately it seems a lot of people are having problems with fb.
• India
8 Jan 13
Yeah, I see these prompts on my wall.
• Philippines
12 Jan 13
I don’t like people putting worthless status updates/wall post over their FaceBook accounts, sometimes it’s quite annoying most especially that they put extensive hype over the site that they posts some nonsense contents just to stay “updated” over the social network. I don’t normally post a lot of status update on my FaceBook account, although I do keep in touch with my friends over FaceBook privately by sending private messages.
@Nursefrai06 (2498)
• Penrith, Australia
8 Jan 13
It's true, they are more personalized this time and they have variations everytime you open them. But no, they don't want to make me post. Well cause if it were me, if you ask me how I am feeling, I'd tell you that ive been having diarrhea for sometime and my stomach aches. Well I don't think that'd be good for a facebook status. If you ask me how I'm doing, I'd be cliche and say I'm fine cause thats what everybody usually says especially to people were not really close to (I have over a thousand Facebook friends and I'll be honest that I don't know half of them, most are acquaintances, some I've never even had an actual interaction with but we''re still Facebook friends cause I was too lazy to delete them on the list). If you ask me whats going on? Well, I don't know how I'm going to answer that cause my life is so boring, nothing is going on nothing is interesting enough. I understand that Facebook is trying their best to become closer to it's users by these prompts but the thing is they're just trying to initiate people to post on conversational levels.which is sad cause I'd rather talk to a real person in real life and have real time conversations than scroll on my newsfeed and have to pretend that I don't know stuff just so people can talk to me about their lives face to face.