Homemade Ice Cream

@MaylaJay (350)
January 7, 2013 11:57pm CST
I absolutely love ice cream and I was thinking of starting a nice little ice cream shop. I don't want to sell carton ice cream from a store, of course. So can someone give me a very good recipe for homemade ice cream? Please share any story that comes with it!
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@youless (92368)
• Guangzhou, China
9 Jan 13
I bought an ice-cream machine at home and therefore I can make my own ice-cream. Trust me the homemade ice-cream tastes better because you make it with natural fresh ingredients. I have made the following three flavors of ice-cream as follows: http://blog1.poco.cn/myBlogDetail.php?&id=7134203&user_id=19725376&pri=&n=0&stat_request_channel= http://my.poco.cn/myBlogDetail-htx-id-7125902-userid-19725376-pri--n-0.xhtml http://blog1.poco.cn/myBlogDetail.php?&id=7124396&user_id=19725376&pri=&n=0&stat_request_channel= The ice-cream recipes are written in Chinese.
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@nyssa102 (748)
• United States
22 Mar 13
I'm not sure, but maybe you can practice some flavors. Before I went vegan I used to grind up cookies, like oreos and mix them with vanilla ice cream, and make a new blend. You can to that with slices of pumpkin pie, cookies and all manner of things, just so you can see if you like the taste or not. Once you find the taste you like, you can make your own ice cream. So even if you cannot find many recipes online, you can invent your own. Good luck!
@ajithlal (14568)
• India
13 Feb 13
I like ice creams very much . Strawberry flavor is my favorite in ice creams . Cone ice cream & chocobar also I liked .