What do you think of the interview between Piers Morgan and Alex Jones on CNN?

@Cutie18f (9563)
January 8, 2013 7:17am CST
I was shocked at the rude behavior of radio host Alex Jones when he faced Piers Morgan in an interview on CNN. Alex Jones is pro-gun, says he owns 50 firearms, and it was so scary to listen to him shout and insult Piers Morgan who is a supporter of gun control or gun ban. Oh my! I wouldn't want to be associated with such an angry man as Alex Jones. While listening to him rant and shout, he made everyone think that he is one guy who shouldn't be holding or owning a gun! But he said he has 50 of them! He's a hothead and it's too dangerous to have this man own so many guns. What are your views on this?
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