...I will hate mymotehr when she is my teahcer

January 8, 2013 8:23am CST
Don't get me wrong. I love my mom and she is smart. I know that even though a lot of people say that tome. However, of all roles, I hate to be her student. And she has many (professionally, of course). I sat on one of her classes one time and I could sympathize with her students. She is an effective teacher and she gives what I would like in a professor. But there is something in her that makes me afraid to ask questions. From the looks that the students give each other, even them could hardly ask a question without a very comprehensive answer. This also happens when I ask her things about her subject and I have to write something about it. After all, who doesn’t want a thing properly explained without resorting to boring and technical textbook. And of course, she likes clarificatory questions but over time, it sounds like a lecture tome. When we are still in the same school, people say that if she was my professor, I’ll achieve top marks (in spite off her subject being my worst). But I think they also know that there is a certain pressure and aspiration to be proven good as a daughter and as a student in one. My prediction, of course, is that I could fail. I would hate the fact that she knows my grade before I do. However, I know some students suffer this kinds of situation. Mom is both your mom and teacher. Not great for the kid, I assure you. Anyway, what will you do if this happened in reality to you as a student?
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9 Jan 13
hy jeanneyvonne, my mother is teacher and she has professional. and i am proud she is a teacher. the problem is professionality does our mother have. we hope all teacher can be a great theacher in class and great mom in home. if they do seriously with the position i think this not problem. and we can try to enjoy it.
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12 Jan 13
well, yes. But it can also be extra pressure if your parent is a teacher and you are a student.most of the time, they will tihnk i will be favored or I'm expected to know the answer. I did have a close friend of my mother to be my professor and she was professional . But I have to be really careful since I don't want to be labelled teacher's pet or soemtihng.
@subhojit10 (7382)
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8 Jan 13
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Ha ha ha, well i can understand you situation and to be very honest when your mother or father is working in the same school that u are studying then the pressure doubles and the thought that u will excel in the exams due to their presence is something i do not understand. i think u should take advantage of her presence and ask her doubts without any hesitation and prove others wrong. What say?
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12 Jan 13
Well, I did. Usually,one of our shared topics is about the school.But her teaching me.I think I want to be swallowed by the floor. Anyway, I tihnk my mother understood the pressure I'm already in. Bad enough they ask me whetted I am her disaster or not, but it is embarrassing if I can't understand what she teaches.