Green drink really works

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January 8, 2013 11:58pm CST
Hey now! Just wanted to discuss and give a little recipe of my own on a green drink that will help you on your way to a good diet and better health. Enough with the fast food and in with the healthy foods for this magnificent 2013 year . Well I like to say I have a new years resolution this year and that is to loose some good weight get in shape and feel good about myself. I'm I truck driver and I'm tired of having to eat all that unhealthy food at the truck stop even doe they have restaurants on most of these places. But they put the unhealthy foods in front of you as soon as you walk in . There's that delicious pizza you can't say no too because it's so fresh you actually need some. But you have to be strong. But either way is all up to you. I decided this year to respect my health and for me and my family so they can have me around for many years to come. I started researching and going to all these diet sites, reading and learning a little bit more of healthy foods I can take and what's the best diet . At least for a truck driver. So finally narrowed it down and came up with a decision on what and how to diet. For all truckers and anyone wanting to do this diet, I will give you my details on what I'm dieting and it really works. I kid you not! I started this diet in October and I set a goal. That goal was to reach 200lbs by Christmas , I was weighing in a 213 and come Christmas I reached my goal to 200 lbs. I started a low calorie diet , if you have a smartphone you can download an app called. Calorie counter that really helps keep track of what your eating. Another thing I bought a small blender and started doing green drink. First you get a blender and fill it with at least 4 ounces of water, this is for one serving only. Second: you buy your veggies . The vegetables you'll need will be : Parsley 1/4 from the bunch. Cucumber 1/4 of that cucumber chopped Celery: at least to sticks an chopped Spinach. 1/2 a cup Ginger root 1 tsp to spice it up / 1/2 lime juice. /. 1 whole peeled red apple to kill the green taste. Now you put all that in the blender and blend for 30 to 45 sec. And enjoy. If its to bitter ad another apple and your done. Thank and happy dieting.
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• India
9 Jan 13
I will try to make this for sure. Nice one. Keep informing this type of recipe. Best of luck.
• United States
9 Jan 13
Hey now! Thanks for the response, I sure will post other recipes that are working for me. This is from dr. Oz's web site. You could also check out robin quivers on you tube she' s a juicer for green drinks and she does colonix. She lost a lot of pounds and looks great. But you also have to eat some protien to kill the hunger . I take protien shake I buy at Walmart and green tea capsules to burn fat Increase metabolism and curve your hunger. All those thing work together and your bound to see results . Thanks. Miami206