Really mess with Islamic sharia law and Saudi Arabia

@rixpro (45)
Sri Lanka
January 10, 2013 2:31am CST
At this time our nation going on very critical path because of Islamic terrorist activities against Buddhist, Hindus and Cristian people inside country. Now they push Islamic sharia law inside country and also with more than 4500 halal certified products. In this situation Sri Lankans looking for non-halal and we won't be sharia here. Because we see what happen to that Sri Lankan muslim girl Miss. Rizana Nafeek (PEACE BE UPON HER) who work in Saudi Arabia. They announced she killed a baby in house she was working(but many people know it was an accident even Saudi King mention it should be an accident). When it happen she was only 17 years old girl anyway according to the Islamic sharia law she should be die because It's a murder. She had been 5 years in a jail finally they kill her with Sharia. This is an old news. Now turn in to my question. Simply why Islam prefer the only god is Allah and other believers are fake and they should be kill by Islamic believers? resources: I have no question if they don't kill Sri Lankan workers just because they worship other religions in side their rooms. Because It's free to worship Islam publicly in Sri Lanka even Sri Lanka is a Sinhala buddhist country more than 80% Sinhalese and more than 75% Buddhists. But there are many Islamic churches. In other hand Saudi have majority Muslim population and they do not let to worship other religions inside Saudi. They big problem is Saudi police arrest a Sri Lankan worker who worshiped and keep a Lord Buddha's statue in his living room in Saudi. Now they going to kill him according to the Sharia Law. But this is only worship his own religion not a murder. Why Saudi police act like this? I feel this is appalling of Islam. Why Allah want these things to happen?
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• India
10 Jan 13
God in this whole Universe is only One. We people had divide it into different religion,caste etc.....we are the responsible for this. Hindu,Muslim,Sikh,Christian etc....are all One at one time. All religion says that People are free to live in their society without being any kind of difference. It's very sad to hear about that srilankan Girl. Saudi Arabia has very strict Law and i don't think anybody has guts to protest against that. So better to Follow their law because all nation are with them. All Politician are making money with Saudi Arabia. No one care about people living their. Even if G.D.P of Saudi Arabia is increasing it is waste. If nation people are not happy than it is useless. Islam is a very good religion but some people are making wrong sense of it. Am not Islamic but i believe in all religion. Allah never wants to kill someone. Allah only wants to Live happily with each other. So Guys and Girls be helpful to each others and make this Life enjoyable and happy with your family members and Friends. Thanks.
@artemeis (4070)
• China
10 Jan 13
I believe a protest demonstration will bound to happen because it usually does when some bigotry country and government does not appreciate diplomacy and fall deaf ears on various pleas and appeals (all peaceful). Check: As a matter of fact, 27 European Union countries enblock appealed to Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud for clemency to Rizana Nafeek. Also Australia, Norway and several NGOs and many human rights defenders appealed to the Saudi King for clemency. Not forgetting, the President and government of Sri Lanka visits to Saudi Arabia to plead on this girl's behalf. Yet, at the end of the day the authorities carried out the beheading execution without informing Sri Lanka. I suppose you would call this according to the law. What law do you think this is? Read:
@rixpro (45)
• Sri Lanka
10 Jan 13
friends Islam should be good but many countries just like Saudi which have majority of Muslim population use Al Qur'an as a weapon to Expand Islam and Muslim population. As artemeis told what the hell this law is!!!