garbage problem

January 11, 2013 7:02am CST
around the globe I believe garbage problem is one of the major problem.How about you what can you do in order to manage waste in your own simple way
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• Marikina, Philippines
11 Jan 13
We separate the recycle and non recycle materials. Here, we have rules. We wait for a garbage truck and dispose the two garbage, the recycle and non recycle materials so that our street will maintain clean and organize.
@vernaC (1491)
• Romania
11 Jan 13
There is a proper waste management program issued by governments and private establishments and they are posting garbage cans with readable labels so just simply follow.
@Sureoi (176)
• Philippines
11 Jan 13
Yes that is right, garbage is really bad for our surroundings. What we do with our garbage is, we segregate them and whenever we see our neighbors throwing away their garbage in a vacant lot, we scold them. We bury the biodegradable garbage in the ground so that the land will be fertile and the non-biodegradable goes to junk shop or to the dumpsters. Have a nice day and happy mylotting! :)
@zabuqamar (138)
• Australia
11 Jan 13
Garbage pollution is becoming a bigger problem every minute. If this problem isn't solved soon then we all will be living in a garbage-infested world, with garbage houses, garbage TVs, and garbage appliances. We might have to turn into garbage just to adapt the new way of life. This may seem unrealistic but this is a frighting possibility. Now everybody should be told about this problem so they can help as well. Everybody should spread the word about these possible solutions