Where to on these holidays along with my family?

By sri
@gamyam (572)
Hyderabad, India
January 12, 2013 7:39am CST
I have a good family with both of my cute children! Now they are on holidays given by their school. They requested me to take away them to a pleasant place. Actually i have not an idea to make a good plan. Please suggest me to get a good plan to make a journey particularly in india and very near to hyderabad city. If you are related to indian citizen, just please tell me what place i to make a plan to start there now with my family in these holidays for two or three days! What are the most benefits to make a travel with them by paying a lot of money to jorney fares! Is it best one idea or not to me as i am an ordinary citizen in this country! I can't spend more money at all due to my less income at my job!
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@williamjisir (22903)
• China
26 Jan 13
Hello gamyam. I am going to have my winter vacation very soon. My plan is already set together with my wife. We will take our little son to the capital city of our province for two nights and then we will stay with our elder son working in the city during his spare time. If he does not have time to be with us, we three will visit the city ourselves. My elder son will help us find a relatively cheap hotel to stay in. So how about your holidays along with your family? Did you go somewhere for pleasure? Take care.
@sanjay91422 (2728)
• India
12 Jan 13
I think Hyderabad city is very much famous for being the center of Bhaba atomic center, DRDO and BHEL etc. It is also the capital of the Andhra Pradesh, so there are so many historical places also. I wish if I could have opportunity to explore it.
@vandana7 (66836)
• India
12 Jan 13
I think you might want to consider a visit to a beach since kids are young. They would find beautiful locations like Ooty and Kodaikanal worth a visit on crossing 16. For now, they want to eat, and have fun, and Goa sounds great to me.
@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
12 Jan 13
I recommend you take a local bus or local train to a quiet and relaxing destination. You might be able to stay in a cheap guest house or in your own tent. Traveling is relaxing and it gives a change of scene. I suggest the countryside where it is beautiful. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday. Take some games for your children to play with. Visit free attractions if you can like play parks and museums which don't have an entrance charge. Good luck.