Zinc supplement eased and soon cured my Dad's Angina Pectoris

January 12, 2013 7:23pm CST
My dad had Angina Pectoris not a long time ago. It is a heart condition that makes a person feel intense pain on the chest and tire easily. He takes only a couple of steps and he will already breathe heavily and feel the chest pain. The medication he took were very expensive bit did not really help much. I took to researching online and found this website http://george-eby-research.com/html/angina.html which says that zinc supplements can help ease angina. I told my dad about it and he was willing to try taking zinc supplements for a week. The result is almost immediate. He took his first zinc supplement on the morning and in the afternoon he was feeling better already. He continued taking zinc and now the chest pains and the heavy breathing is a thing of the past. My dad now jogs regularly and is already active. I posted this so that anyone who has angina pectoris will know that there is a solution.
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14 Jan 13
I think I'm going to ask my dr. about the zinc. I have major chest pains a few times in the day and night and after much testing they have no idea what my problem is.
15 Jan 13
Your symptoms are almost the same with what my dad had. Have you read the link I provided above? It is very helpful and may have saved my father's life. I think you need to undergo an ECG procedure just to know what really is wrong with your body. You can also try zinc without prescription because it is often sold as a supplement.
8 Feb 14
Apologies, just seen my spelling mistake..... should have written BrodCobalt. regards Peter Gemmill
8 Feb 14
Dear BroadCobalt, very interesting article. Please could you let me know the dosage of zinc that your father was using. I have angina and I am very keen to try this remedy. Many thanks Peter Gemmill