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@shahmi (81)
Sri Lanka
January 13, 2013 4:20am CST
Friends, I have completed my A/L and now I am free so I thaught to study a Language(like, Java). What do you think about it. Is it good for my future. I like this very much.
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• Hungary
13 Jan 13
Yes you should learn Java it's pretty popular now on Android and well... on almost every device. But I can recommend Python too. I wouldn't start C++ it's only windows. Always find a multi platform language.
@shahmi (81)
• Sri Lanka
14 Jan 13
Thank you friend but I can't understand what is "multi platform language"
• United States
15 Jan 13
As in the software will run the same on different platforms.
• Philippines
25 Jan 13
Well if it benefits you on honing another skill and acquiring knowledge for your future career, then it’s a good idea to enroll on such subject/classes. As long as it will be a good take for your future, and that it won’t be a big hassle for your activities, then it’s a good idea.