What is the Principle of Your Life?

@Janurmas (645)
January 14, 2013 3:33am CST
I once asked a question like this when I was in a job interview. I was confuse to answer this question because I did not prepared to that question before the interview. But it is such an interesting question. The question made me start to think that a principle of like in one person would be a motivation for him or her to reach a dream in the future. So, what is the principle of your life?
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• India
14 Jan 13
Its definitely an interesting question.My principle in life is to be better than the very best.This could apply to any aspects of life.In fact, this motivates me to aim higher than most people would do and strive towards growth.It keeps my perseverance quotient high and helps me to overcome challenges even when hugh obstacles are there and i need to win things over.Sometimes, this principle involved in learning things from others.Sometimes it involved competing with people to achieve your goal and success.Learning from others is not a setback rather that is how we grow.Every learning from a child to elder should be welcome.Many successful people achieved their success by this small act.And sometimes, it involved the determination and will and the attempt to reach things which are unknown and unexplored.Well,when you think on those lines, it definitely helps.In fact, it has helped me many ways especially in online world.But then different people can have different principle.As long as it is positive and aiming towards growth, its all welcome.Thanks!
@iva75cpb (729)
• Bulgaria
14 Jan 13
It will be too pompose to claim I have one major principle in my life. I have, though, several guidances, that help me live better that I used to live before. One of these guidances is not to do to people what I don't want them to do to me. Another guidance is to think twice before I judge or do something stupid, and I learned it the hard way after I hurt people I cared about. There are many other things that guide me in my life and one of the most important is to cherish even the tiniest and small joys in my life because I don't know when life is going to end and to not take anything for granted. My parents, my daughter, my husband, my friends are the most important people for me and I have to be ready to sacrifice a lot to help them. Love, respect, honesty... The list can go on. But for a job interview... That was really a surprising question, I admit.
@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
14 Jan 13
If I had to pick one motto, I would pick something like "No matter how hard life is, and how hard it knocks you to the ground, find something to believe in, and get up"... so I believe in that there's always beauty in life and stuff that are worth living for, and you should concentrate on those things, and you have to be tough enough to get up from the floor and not to give up, when everything turns cloudy. or if I wanna quote from a "classic": Always look at the bright side of life (padam-padam-padam-padammm...)
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
14 Jan 13
I think we are here to evolve so to learn love in deeper levels, to love more and not only humans like when we help even someone we don't know or volunteer or do charity work but all beings like animals and the forests, while we have the fun that life bless us with I think the main reason for it all is love, spiritual growth.