moving to a new town

@verolop29 (1096)
United States
January 14, 2013 8:46am CST
I have been in Waco for almost two weeks now and so far its going pretty good! My husband keeps telling me there are people here that are mean and ugly...I just havent came face to face with it-yet. I haven't been online with mylot in over a week and i feel as if i lost my head...or part of it. Did you ever feel that way? Like youve been on a scheduel and all of sudden something happends and WHAM! you have to change everything..i mean not change just switched in a different order. thats me. I work nights and around his schedual. im always tired and i dont eat enough. i have her in school and working on putting myra in head start so i wont loose my job..and i have a deadline to meet in like 48 hours and if i dont meet that totally fried! i loose my licesness.I will tell you all more about that later im over here at his dads house because we dont have the internet hooked up yet at our house. Everything is looking up though and im glad but there is only one thing missing..i cant hear anything no sound is comming from the speakers. but when marcus uses the computer everything is working as it should! i swear i think the computer likes him becaseu it wont work for me Do you think that the way ppl treat me is fair? I mean i went to buy some new tires for his truck and they charged him 1200 dollars for all four but i returned them and i got more money back. i was honest with the manager and everything, showed him my reciept and i tried to give him the xtra money back but he wound't take it. I think if my husband were there instead of me things would have been different. that same day i went to a different tire place and bought four new tires with warenty and payed less then 1200! I told my husband abouyt it and he says i can keep the money i saved! so i bought new shoes and im trying to like them...but they hurt me feet. i think im going to return them and get something more me. I am even going to get a makeover from Mary Kay...I dont know if ill like it..but i will soon see! I have sometimes wounderes if God made a mistake in making me. I am not like my peers. i dont like cussing or swearing. or wearing makeup or high heels the makeup makes me break out even more after i take it off! i dont like dresses or thongs. i dont likee attentuon i get from men when i were nice things.I think im boring.... but i love it! anyways its great being back online!
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@ctryhnny (3463)
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14 Jan 13
If your not having any problems with the people you meet I don't see why you shouldn't stay there. There are mean, nasty people everywhere and you can't get away from that you just don't befriend them. I don't know about that tire money thing. Maybe the guy just likes women better? Who knows...