I chose an uninterested major and now i regret it ?

January 15, 2013 11:28am CST
[My problem is really big and hence summary is given below for little breath] Hi, First of all hello everyone, How are you all ? Back on mylot after long interval. Well, i don't want to take so much of your time. There are certain decisions which literally seems easy to take but at instant but i guess some peoples do regret it later like i am doing. After completing my 10+2 i headed towards Diploma course since i had not enough percentage to go to Engineering. I was asked to chose a Branch(Major) when my bro was doing engg. in "Electronics & Communication" major so of course it was quite interesting to me too. And that is why i chose "Electronics & Communication" major, when i had zero knowledge that i would have to regret it later. I was always a Computer freak. I always loved messing around internet and website making stuff, which was making me tend towards Computer Science, but still i chose Electronics(A BIG mistake of my life). I Finished my Diploma somehow and now doing in Engineering. I had a lot of back logs(you know why) in the first year of engg. and hence i was sent home for a year. Now i am back in college for second year and it's really pissing me off! I don't love doing Engg. in "Electronics & telecommunication". I am studying as a web developer at home personally. No one knows about that yet. I think i should drop off doing engineering and make a fresh start to become a web developer. I have waste 2 or may be 3 years of my life( one bcoz Diploma turn, and another One was due to my Year Down in engg.), and now, if i leave off doing engg. my parents will react like never before(I Guess). But after all it's all about my interest which is in Computer not in Electronics. SUMMARY: I have spend 3+ years growing my career in "Electronics & Communication" major just because i chose it in the beginning always being helpless. But now i don't love it, instead i want to make career in Web Development as i wanted earlier. HELP: Is anyone gone through such situations ever before, a little discussion on this topic would be a great help. I will really appreciate it. Help me what do i do now ? Thanks for sharing your time here, Thank you very much! have a good day ahead!
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@stary1 (6622)
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15 Jan 13
mayur71091 You are experiencing the same thing many many people have gone through. When we start out it's hard to know exactly what we will enjoy. Too often we are influenced by others..especially our parents. They want the best for us, so often they push a career they think will benefit us the most. I have been through several careers..I stared out wantig psychology, but was talked into a more 'practical' field...so I earned a degree in Microbiology. I wasn't happy with it..so years and years later, I ended up selling Real Estate and making much more money and really enjoyed it. I say go for what you love.It may take a while to ease out of what you are presently doing mostly for money, but if you don't love it you will never be totally happy..that's my opinion and my experience...All the best to you!
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16 Jan 13
So, you mean i should make a fresh start becoming web developer what i loved all the time. And what about that 2 years i wasted then.....if i continued studying i will end up in next 2/3 years having a non-loved degree in hand but if i make a fresh start it will take another 3/4 years. once again are you definitely sure i should make a new start ? (for now i also think so).... anyways thank you very much 'Stary' for your response worth a thousand years of my life.(though i won't live that longer!) Thanks again!