Car Accident.

United States
January 15, 2013 1:32pm CST
There are two intersections before you reach the school, but before reaching it there are four neighborhoods adjacent to the intersections. On the left side of the road, the Honda Civic was coming out of one of the intersections when the driver who crashed into him felt like he was in a rush. You could see it by the way he drove that it was as if he was driving for his life. His Ford escape was mashed considering the speed he was going at in a neighborhood. The Police came shortly after the accident. There were a couple of other drivers on that same road, and it seemed like they just stopped. It appears that the driver who crashed into the other driver was a student, and the paramedics carried him into the truck while the other driver was basically fine. His car in a great condition though, so his car was towed. This happened in a somewhat nonchalant day where it seemed like the roads were completely empty, and everything seems perfect. Of course, this seems like a dream too good to be true. There just seems to be something bad waiting to happen, and it's quite unfortunate that today happened to be one of them.
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@toyota4k (1212)
• Philippines
20 Jan 13
I drive carefully at both low and fast speed. Driving carefully doesn't only mean driving slowly. You can drive at full speed but careful being a defensive driver too.
@marjivy80 (198)
• Philippines
15 Jan 13
what a day.