sms gives me headache

January 16, 2013 4:24am CST
I just texted some girl today (older by 5 years) and my first message is where she come from. Her reply has been that she is from our country but presently live in the middle east i.e. ksa. If you are me, what message would you send next? Assume you're just having a friendly talk.
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@surekharathi (14134)
• India
23 Jan 13
Ohhh the same feeling like me some month before I feel happy when receive the messages but now because of busy life I feel irritated if getting more sms and I cant reply of any sms then some time call of my cousin brother or sister and say me why no reply then I say them ohhh now no connection of me and my mobile because if mobile in kitchen then I was in bed room and if mobile is in bed room then I am in kitchen. No read any sms.
• Philippines
15 May 13
In my case, my phone is an old model and I can always make the excuse that its battery ran out of juice.
@daDaize (215)
• Austria
17 Jan 13
Oh I would have many things to ask like what she's doing there,how's life,etc..I would never run out of topic. I see you are from philippines?Well I have a roaming smart number and time to time strangers text me and some of those strangers have become now my friends.I feel kinda bad tho for them as I ask them to write in english as my mother never taught me the language.
• Philippines
15 May 13
I envy you since I am the type of guy who always don't have any topic to say haha..
@mensab (4207)
• Philippines
16 Jan 13
I would send something like this, "Oh, how long have you been there?" and a follow-up message of, "so, you've been away from your family for such years. this is to sense whether she is close to her family. she may be lonely and understanding her situation and her feeling would make her comfortable to talk with you. i wish you the best in these exchanges.
• Philippines
16 Jan 13
I never replied what you said. I asked her the temperature over there and that's it. But her style in typing is like the commercial