It could have been another plane crash

January 16, 2013 6:22am CST
Have you heard about what happened to BOEING Dreamliner,recently? I read over the internet that it made an emergency landing.According All Nippon Airlines,the aircraft did an emergency landing after receiving the message saying "Battery problem". My husband and I watched a documentary last night about plane crash cases. I felt sorry for the people who lost their love ones from plane crash. I saw how grueling it was to identify the bodies of the victims not to mention the emotional impact it brought to the to the young ones who lost their parents from the accident.Some aviation companies did not totally admit that it was engineering error saying that it was a terrorist attack.
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@springs (926)
• India
30 Jul 16
Yeas it is horrible. If road accidents we will live by staying in the hospital for some time.but planes is not possible..
@marguicha (108826)
• Chile
16 Jan 13
It feems that now they use the words "terrorist attack" to cover up many horrible things that happen in the world. Some are due to human flaws ( and it is terrible) some because of human greed (and that is worse). THe words "emergency landing", although they sound eerie, are winderful becausce it meant that all ended well
@vernaC (1491)
• Romania
16 Jan 13
I've watched documentaries about plane crash and it's usually engineering failure. Though it's sad that these victims experienced this tragic event, yet they are the inspiration why technology are aiming for safer flights, to avoid another loss of innocent lives.