DX or FX

January 16, 2013 10:34am CST
Hi all Nikonians, where are you guys ? :) I read the latest response for discussion has 11 month ago ^_^ I just want to know what are you opinion about DX or FX body at Nikon. As you know DX format is mean the camera with crop factor on sensor and FX is without crop factor, as known as full frame. My first DSLR is Nikon D3000, I use that about 2 years and win several photo contest with that entry level camera, and right now I use Nikon D90. Some of my friends said if I want to change or upgrade the camera I must change info FX format or full frame, because they said the quality of full frame is more than DX format. But, if I change into full frame, I have some problem with the lens because all my lens are lens for DX and If I use that lens into DX the result on DX will be cropped automatically on sensor camera. It means, if I change the camera body into FX, I must change all my lens too... Please share your opinion...
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