I took my mom to Golden Coral tonight

United States
January 16, 2013 8:02pm CST
Tonight, my mom just feel extremely hungry, she just don't want to cook at home, since we didn't take her to grocery shopping on Sunday. So, she decided to go to Golden Coral half mile from our house. She ate 2 grilled steak, and a couple of breads, and also fried chickens, etc..... I was amazed, because I am younger than her, and I couldn't eat that much myself. I wasn't even at weight watch, but I just couldn't swallow that much at once. I guess my mom was really hungry tonight, and I just let her eat whatever she wants.
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@echoforever (5192)
• United States
15 Mar 13
Golden Corral is nice though I did feel like it was a corral just leading you to the food... I enjoyed the food but I just felt.. like an animal there the way its all laid out. I would rather go to say sizzler or home town buffet where i didn't feel that way at least. I'm glad your mom enjoyed it.
@squallming (1776)
• Malaysia
15 Mar 13
When we eat too much of meals at home. We would crave for something different. Since you brought your mother to Golden Coral, she might have felt very delighted about it and this increased her appetite a lot. Once in a while a dine out would be nice. I do like to bring my girlfriend out for some dining experience too just so that she eats more. She would not eat much of the campus cafe food as they are not tasty.
@MaylaJay (350)
17 Jan 13
I've always eaten like that. My older brother, who's 21, eats less than I do. I really love food. It's practically an obsession. I just love every aspect: the cooking, the baking, the preparing, the eating! I love it all. Bless you for letting her eat whatever she wants! Most people would have said something.
@ZoeJoy (1395)
• United States
17 Jan 13
Do you mean 'Golden Corral' that buffet restaurant? Perhaps, she was hungry. Good thing you just let her eat and let her enjoy herself. Maybe she needed that food to build up her energy. Hope you both had a good time.
@edvc77 (2143)
• Philippines
17 Jan 13
That is wonderful and nice. From time to time we should go out and treat our parents eventhough we have families already. It is quite amazing too that she could eat 2 grilled steak. :-)That was a good treat. Have a nice day!
@911Ricki (13602)
• Canada
17 Jan 13
Couldn't eat that much either, I would eat half a steak, and some sides. I hope you enjoyed your meals, does sound like a wide variety of a menu available. I have never heard of Golden Coral before.