time to take dreams in India,what's in your country?

January 17, 2013 8:27am CST
moon had come up completely and stars are twinkling .... time to take dinner than go in the beautiful world of dreams..! that's in India,what you are doing and about to do in your country!! ?? What's your time to do?
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• United States
17 Jan 13
you started this discussion 3 hours ago...but right now it is 1:05 in the afternoon. so it was 10 am. I actually got to sleep in this morning so I was asleep lol. I don't get to do that often. so basically you were having dinner and going to bed and I was waking up and going to have breakfast. I live in the US so our time differences are way off but it is interesting to know
18 Jan 13
really interesting !!! time difference is nearly opposite!! if you take flight to india when it will be noon in america when you will reach india then it will be again afternoon.. ha ha "!! interesting!!
• United States
18 Jan 13
yes it was really interesting to me how your sleeping and my days just starting out. so right now it is 12:18 am. what time is it there? I don't feel like doing the math lol. now that would be fun to me to leave home at this time and then get there at the same time in India.
@else22 (4319)
• India
18 Jan 13
I am an Indian either.Now it is going to be half past four in the afternoon.Season is fine,but I am feeling tired now.From 10 am till a few hours back I was visiting banks one after another.I had to get some bank drafts issued.So now I am not in a mood of participating in Mylot.But I know,if I don't participate here now,then I won't get time at night.So with a tired mind I am here and responding to your post.