After 4 days raining, the temperature gradually dropping

United States
January 17, 2013 7:51pm CST
Since Sunday night, we got rain almost everyday for this week. Especially today, the temperature is dropping so fast, and I could hear the wind howling outside the house loudly. From the weather forecast, we might got black ice somewhere in the North Georgia, and we would expect tomorrow will be freezing. I hope the place I live won't get any snow. It is not that I don't like snow, because I have drive a long way to work, and I really don't want icy on the road, that will be dangerous. I hope the temperature will go easy on me.
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• Marikina, Philippines
19 Jan 13
Yeah. Its dangerous. I see on tv, some reality show, that many cars have prone to accident because the road is icy and slippery. Though I like snow because we don't have snow here in our country, to have a snow is also a little bit dangerous especially if your driving a car in a slippery road.
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
18 Jan 13
Hi, kingparker! I hope the weather will still be great for you to drive to work. Keep safe!
• Bangladesh
18 Jan 13
Disaster appears unexpectedly and inflicts a lot of pain on us. We are to accept and undergo it. We cant avoid. And if this disaster confines us into house, then its untolerable. We cant move, cant play, bike or shop things. Time had come when it was raining iceasantly for a long days and I had to remain in house for a long days. Those day was quite boring. Domestic animals had to suffer most. The low crop land would be innundated and damaged. How ever speaking about game, we, boys together, would play cards when any drizling would run. This year, a heavey cold wave swept away over our country few days ago especially in the northern parts of the country. As because the more we will be get closer to Himalayas, the more bitting cold we have to face though cold wave is mainly because of Siberian cold wind blowing over our location. Hope you'll get over the situation and get back the normal life.